When I moved to Seattle from the east coast about 25 years ago, I started to explore the city and the surrounding area by bike; first, commuting to work and then adding fitness rides to my commuting trips. What I found were challenging routes that gave me a great workout but also some beautiful scenery, great parks, spectacular views plus interesting restaurants, cafes, bistros and bakeries along the way to stop for a snack or a cold drink. I think that by traveling by bike, at my own pace on quite streets and trails, through neighborhoods and parks, I have seen the Seattle area in a way I would not have experienced otherwise. I want to share with you the rides that have given me such a unique insight into our city and surrounding area. Whether you are new to town or a native, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in these rides that have become my favorites.

This blog describes several loop bicycle rides in and around the Seattle metropolitan area with rides for every level of cyclist. Many of the loop rides can be combined or can be done as a shorter “out and back ride”. Each loop described on this blog includes a convenient start/end point that offers ample parking for those transporting their bicycle. Any loop can be done in either direction.

Index of Rides by Distance

Description Miles Link
Flying Wheels Century 100 Go to Ride
Urban Century 100 Go to Ride
Explore Whidbey Island
from Clinton to Fort Casey
77 Go to Ride
Lake WA - Lake Sammamish Loop 76 Go to Ride
Explore Magnuson Park - West Seattle - Discovery Park 55 Go to Ride
Mercer Island - May Valley - Issaquah 55 Go to Ride
South Lake WA Shoreline 52 Go to Ride
Edmonds via Golden Gardens / Blue Ridge 40 Go to Ride
Lake WA Loop - North 40 Go to Ride
Bainbridge Island 33 Go to Ride
Explore Volunteer Park - International District - West Seattle - Waterfront - Fisherman's Terminal 33 Go to Ride
Magnolia - Discovery Park Loop      27 Go to Ride
Explore View Ridge - Wedgwood - Meadowbrook - Green Lake 24 Go to Ride
Lake WA Loop - South 23 Go to Ride
Explore the Flats of Seattle 20 Go to Ride
Explore Interlaken Park - N Capitol Hill - S Lake Union 12 Go to Ride
Explore Queen Anne Neighborhood 10 Go to Ride
Best Hills of Discovery Park & Magnolia 8 Go to Ride